Transplant Team / Nephrologist

I was born at Harbor General UCLA Medical center. In my early 20’s I was diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy, eventually needing dialysis and a kidney transplant.

I am eternally grateful for my UCLA Transplant team: Drs. Veale, Gritsch, Danovitch, and Singer. It’s been over 8 years and my kidney is working as good as ever. Due to their continued assessment of my health, I have been able to maintain a great working kidney with no signs of rejection.

My Nephrologist, Dr. Carl Schulze out of the Santa Monica office is professional, smart and informative, and takes my questions seriously.

I was Born at UCLA: 1975, received my Kidney Transplant: December 2006, and when the time comes, I plan to donate my remains to the UCLA Body Donation program.

Thank you UCLA!

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