The surgeon with the magical hands

It's the afternoon before 9/11. I hobble into the ER at UCLA my right leg so painful I can't put any weight on it. They take an x-ray. No one's seen anything like it before. The extra-heavy stainless steel shaft of my hip replacement has snapped in half and is tilted at a 45% angle. Of course my femur's broken too. Will I ever be able to walk again? Today, 15 years later, I'm a living testament to the surgical skills of Dr. Bert Thomas. Dr. Thomas has patched me up a few times now. He had me up and walking in the hills three weeks after a knee replacement. I didn't realize how unusual this is until I witnessed the struggles of my friends with their knee replacements. I'm just so grateful to Dr. Thomas who has made it possible for me to live the life I love, caring for my extended family and hiking the Santa Monica mountains with my husband and friends.

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