March 30, 2016

The Story of a Griffin

By dawnsedorovich

The Story of a Griffin as told by Griffin: "What's that Mommy? You want me to thank ONE of my doctors? Impossible... I want to thank my entire team of rock star doctors! Dr. Sklansky - thanks for saying hi through mommy's belly before I was even born and making sure my heart stays healthy now. Dr. Reemtsen - you did such an awesome job with my zipper that even I can barely find it! Thanks for that and, for, you know, that whole saving my life thing. Dr. West - Thanks for forgiving me for screaming every time you walk in the room. I'm not a huge fan of that wriggly worm you stick down my nose, but I still love you, thanks for taking the trach out. Best. Day. Ever. Dr. Balucan - Quite simply, you're awesome. Mama tells me that you call her every time I have a procedure or hospital stay to check in and see if we need anything. Thanks for the stickers, thanks for all of the phone calls to check on me, and thanks for the many tissues you give mommy when her eyes start leaking at your office. I don't know why SHE'S crying, I'm the one getting shots... Thank U all for everything! Love, G

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