Our Doc is the best!

We have an old school family doc. She's taken care of my family for almost 3 decades and we LOVE her. Dr. Caroline Close is everything you want in a Doc. She is smart, current, thorough, thoughtful, curious, cautious, kind, communicative, and compassionate. All that and a bag of chips. Actually, it was a protein bar, pulled from her own stash when she noticed me shaking one day because I hadn't eaten.

Through all the normal maladies of life and aging, pediatrics and wellness care, as well as a frustrating, painful, complex chronic problem, she is right there. Handling her part and quarterbacking the rest. Calling in the right specialist at the right time, she makes GREAT referrals. Gently calming an overreaction and even tossing some humor in the mix.

We are blessed to have found such a good family practice Doctor and her care has significantly improved my quality of life. Bravo Dr. Close, we love you.

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