Dr.’s Saved My Dads Life!

My father was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colorectal Cancer on 6/18/15. It was the worst day of our lives. After doing some research, in record time, I contacted UCLA. They truly were amazing. First stop Dr. Anne Lin. She was very thorough and calm and took her time with us and explained everything in great detail to us. She was thorough, honest and professional. My dad felt so comfortable that he decided that he was going to receive his treatment at UCLA! We the. Saw Dr. Zev Wainberg I cannot say enough about him. He looked at us and said he's going to be just fine. After treatment he will go on and live a long healthy life. He gave us hope and when going through this traumatic disease, you cling onto hope! He thoroughly explained the treatment process and was always available. If I emailed him with a question or concern he would reply within minutes. It took so much of the angst away!!! For example, my dad was experiencing a side effect. I emailed him and received a response in 18 minutes. I mean who does that? He saw my dad the next day. There are not enough words in any language to express my appreciation for these Dr.'s and what they have done for my father, my family and for me. Dr. Wainberg has never made me feel bad for contacting him wih my questions and instead insists I keep him posted. I am beyond thankful we found these UCLA doctors. I would recommend them to anyone in need of surgeons and oncologists.

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