Dr. Chin is a great doctor!

I initially came to UCLA to get a second opinion at the Frank Clark Urology Center for the cancer treatment I had been receiving. The doctor I was assigned to was Dr. Arnold I. Chin, who reviewed my records and noted that everything that was done up to that point was correct. The day I went, I was in great pain and Dr. Chin diagnosed an infection in my kidney. Though Dr. Chin was not my official doctor, we continued to stay in touch and when I wasn't feeling well, I contacted Dr. Chin and he ordered me to take a creatine test. The results were sent to my original doctor and to Dr. Chin. Within one hour of receiving the results Dr. Chin contacted me and told me I was in kidney failure and to go to the UCLA Emergency. He would have everything ready for me. I did as Dr. Chin told me to, and true to his word, he had everything set for me. He saved my life and my one remaining kidney ( I lost my other kidney to cancer). I will always be very grateful to Dr. Chin for being very proactive and taking the necessary steps to not just help me, but to save my life, even though he was not my official doctor at the time. To make a long story short, I became Dr. Chin's patient and have been with him for five years now. He has continued to take excellent care of me. He is a great doctor. He truly cares about his patients and does everything he can to keep them healthy. I am so very thankful to Dr. Chin for all his hard work, expertise, knowledge and skill in keeping my one kidney healthy. I feel so very blessed to have Dr. Chin as my doctor. UCLA is so very lucky to have such a wonderful doctor on their staff. He is truly an asset at UCLA!

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