The best thing to happen to my lungs

My story is about my favorite pulmonologist at UCLA, his name is Dr. David Ross. He has been my doctor for many years and treated my pulmonary hypertension. To me he goes above and beyond for his patients. He actually listens to his patients and share their highs and lows. If you need to laugh he will laugh with you, if you need to cry he has tissue for you. He is just an amazing doctor. In 2010 I hit was i felt was the ultimate low with pulmonary hypertension. I was in the ICU for several months and he would come in and just sit with me. He gives you the same level of care he would for his own family and i appreciate that. I had a double organ transplant in 2012 and even though it wasn't a lung transplant, he still found time to visit me. I am grateful for the services that he provides.

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