Still living life because of my team at UCLA Westwood

image-carehubs-rotatedSince 1989, I've been a patient of Pamela Miner, I was 18 I just know if it wasn't for her I wouldn't be living today.. She, have assisted me in 3 open heart surgeries, I'm 44 years old today we have grown older together at UCLA. &, the referrals, she saved me in 2003 I had an brain aneurysm that was about to take me away.. She found out & made things happen went though 3 Craniectomy's 1st time 13 hours in brain surgery her & her team suggested that I should get the mechanical heart valve to continue living my life. Then in 2009 she was assisting me with tonsil cancer stage 3, four months of radiation and chemo therapy. I've been a patient at UCLA all my life when I happen to get sick other doctors want to speak with Pamela Miner in cardiology & she tells the hole story on my conditions that I will have all my life. God bless her & the team! All the bad illnesses I've been going through brain, heart, Cancer, she have like right by my side she knows my family situation.. As a younger man she was the only person I knew to call, she is like my hospital mother! To this day I'm on Coumadin must check in 2-3 times a month & she monitors my INR, it's very hard to deal with at times diet etc.. & also her assistant Linda Houser is a great person. I've always wanted to tell my story about my great experiences at my 2nd home -:). Thumbs! Up to Dr. Neil Martin also for my brain surgery. In 2003 🙏🏿... I have more to say. If interested thanks.
Michael M

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