Dr. Patrick Yao – a rare physician

In today’s soundbite world, Dr. Patrick Yao is a rarity.
Of course I think he is a wonderful physician who has taken excellent care of my body and mind (yes…he cares about my feelings as well as my aches and pains) for many years.
To put it in perspective, I was previously a longtime patient of UCLA’s legendary Dr. Saleh Saleh…a daunting act to follow when you are a young physician establishing a private practice.
But Dr. Yao met and exceeded the very high bar set by Saleh.
But why a rarity?
Dr. Patrick Yao takes as much time as necessary whether I am there for a routine annual check-up or have a specific complaint. I never feel rushed. I always feel heard. When I leave, there is always a plan in place.
But what makes Dr. Patrick Yao a “rarity’?
Dr. Patrick Yao actually listens.

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