MitraClip eliminates the need for open-heart surgery

Maliheh-Elmi_webOn November 5, Maliheh Elmi underwent UCLA’s first successful MitraClip procedure, a percutaneous surgery that repairs the heart’s mitral valve without the need for open-heart surgery. At 90 years old, Maliheh was at a much higher risk for complications during a typical mitral valve surgery, as well as afterward in recovery. However, after the MitraClip procedure, she was released from the hospital, symptom free, just 2 days later. “It’s easy, quick, and before you know it, you’re finished,” Maliheh says. After having the procedure, her shortness of breath was gone, and she is back to her usual self. Maliheh is happy to be the first MitraClip patient, and she highly recommends it to other patients who are at extremely high surgical risk.

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