Saved My Life Twice

60 years ago I was a preemie baby at UCLA fighting for my life. Once again I am here to have UCLA take care of me. I came down from Las Vegas after being misdiagnosed half a dozen times. I finally had enough of bad healthcare. I knew I had severe pancreatitis and got my PCP to refer me to UCLA. Dr. Rabindra Watson saw me and on November 9th, 2015 I had an ERCP done. Although there were no blockages or other things wrong, the ducts inside my pancreas were clipped so they could open and work properly. Even though I woke up and had a turn with some severe pain and inflammation in my pancreas from the procedure, every person I came into contact with was so gracious and caring. Before surgery the team met me in the OR and every person there participated with me as we went over the procedure together. A big thank you to Dr. Watson and his team. An even bigger thank you to my recovery nurses David and Linda for staying right on top of whatever I needed and giving it your all. Your genuine care and concern for me touched me and my friend so much. To Stephanie, the Nurse Practitioner and her ladies are the bomb! To Lorie and Denise and Alron in GOU.....Thank you for helping me get through the pain and being right there every time I needed something. Dr Nory Cabanilla and Ha J Song NP...thank you so much for taking the time to review everything I brought with me (medical records and CD) and taking such good care of me. After having such bad care in Las Vegas it was so refreshing to be somewhere where people practiced good medicine and did the right things first to get you well. I am terrified of the Las Vegas medical community because of all the bad experiences I have had over the last 20 yrs and countless unnecessary surgeries. I needed specific answers, right answers and honest evaluation and care and I finally got it. I feel like I can relax a little now cause I am not going to die or get so sick I wished I was. UCLA is THE BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD FOR HEALTHCARE! They do it right the first time. It's worth the time and energy to drive in from Vegas knowing I will be in good hands from beginning to end. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Donna Sampayan

you are a beautiful person I am glad you are feeling good

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