Getting Dad on a Plan

Getting Dad on a Plan“Nothing was being done for my father. The word dialysis was thrown around, but my father was having a hard time coming to terms with [having kidney failure]. We were all resistant to the idea,” says Julie Ngo, who brought her father to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center after visiting several other hospitals. “We saw (nephrologist) Dr. Anjay Rastogi and his peritoneal dialysis nurse Joe, and instantly they had a plan. It always seems like that was Dr. Rastogi’s thing — we have to have a plan. It was music to our ears, really reassuring. Eventually, my father started peritoneal dialysis, and he was just well taken care of for the past three years. Things took a tragic turn when my father fell and hit his head. He was transferred to a long-term nursing home, and Dr. Rastogi still tries to see him. I think it speaks volumes for what he does for his patients and their families.  He’s been there for us as a family, for my mother and my sisters and myself. He’s just a tremendous person.”

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