In Sickness and in Health (2 of 2)

In Sickness and in Health (2 of 2)“You know what they say about high blood pressure; it’s a silent killer,” says Arlene Dunaetz, married to Richard Dunaetz for 64 years. Eighty­‐five-­year­‐old Richard agrees, “I always knew my blood pressure was high; then that was it, I had kidney failure. I was going to doctors, not at UCLA, and they all said, ‘You have to go on hemodialysis. You’re too old.’ My daughter suggested we speak to Dr. Anjay Rastogi at UCLA for a second opinion. He suggested peritoneal dialysis [at-­home dialysis every night].” Richard chose peritoneal dialysis for its freedom. Arlene says, “We were able to travel. We even went to the Caribbean and had supplies delivered to the resort!” The couple recommends Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center to everyone. Richard says, “It’s a confidence booster. They know what they’re doing. They care, they follow through and they’re behind you all the way. And that’s unique.”

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