Sickest Kid in the Hospital – Jerrod’s Story


When Jerrod was born, the first thing my wife said was “How come I don’t hear him crying?” And from that - it was rough from there. They were noticing breathing issues, heavy respiration. Then he had to be separated from us. Told us he may never speak, may never walk, may have bad hearing, bad vision. They considered him to be the sickest kid in the hospital. The staff at NICU were very encouraging, very supportive, very knowledgeable. Showed him a lot of attention, a lot of love. He’s doing very well today. He’s a ball of energy. I just want to give the acknowledgement to the NICU nurses, the staff and the doctors. Thank you and keep doing the wonderful work that you’re doing.

So glad NICU is there to help babies and their parents cope with unforeseen situations.

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