Premature Twins – TaShanna’s Story


We were in the NICU for approximately 3 months. We received the best care there. I actually was on bedrest at UCLA Santa Monica for a month prior to the girls being born. There are so many worries you have when your children are in the NICU. But one thing that we didn’t have to worry about was the level of care that we were getting. We knew that we were getting the best care that this country has to offer by being at UCLA so that was never a worry for us. The nurses treated the girls like they were their daughters. When we would leave at night or leave during the day, we knew that we were leaving them in the best care so we didn’t have to worry because the nurses were taking such good care of the girls. They’ve been very healthy since we left the NICU. We were at both hospitals. I want to thank the nurses and the doctors at both campuses and all the respiratory therapists. Thank you for taking such good care of my kids.

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