Heart Full of Happiness

She has a Heart Full of Happiness. Shania needs a second heart transplant. We're waiting, and she is here long-term until she receives one," says Rosanna, mom to 8-year-old Shania. Shania received her first heart transplant in May 2007, then developed coronary artery disease seven years later. The team at Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA now is working to lower Shania's antibodies to make finding a matching heart donor easier. Shania was hospitalized on December 1st to monitor her kidney function and begin the infusions that will reduce her antibody count. "Shania is very smart, and we're very proud of her. She knows everything she's facing," says Rosanna. "The doctors here are awesome. The social workers, her psych, the nurses, she loves them all, and everybody makes her feel so comfortable here. So she doesn't have time to think of being scared."

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