Secret Weapon: Dad

Secret Weapon: Dad. When 20‐year-old Alec Kupelian went to the ER at UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica one Saturday, he never expected cancer was the reason a pulled groin muscle hadn’t healed. “On Sunday, I had an MRI. On Monday, I had a biopsy. On Tuesday, I had my port implanted. And on Wednesday, I started chemotherapy.” Diagnosed with a 19 centimeter Ewing sarcoma tumor on his left pelvis, Alec has an advantage many cancer patients don't have: “My dad is a radiation oncologist at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, and I cannot imagine people going through this without a doctor in the family.” So far, Alec has completed 15‐out-of‐17 treatments and is doing well. “For me, humor is the most important thing. We’ll have dance parties, we do karaoke when we have new residents, and I just try to have as much fun as I can here. It’s really a credit to all the nurses on the floor. They’re the best.”

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