Operation Eyelid Reconstruction

"In 2005, I got hit by an IED. My teammates were ambushed, and I suffered the brunt of the blast. Eighty percent of my body was covered with third-degree burns," says Israel "DT" Del Toro, an Air Force officer who served in Afghanistan. "A little over eight years ago, I came to [Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center] for reconstructive surgery thanks to OperationMend.” UCLA Operation Mend is a program that provides injured military personnel access to the nation's top plastic and reconstructive surgeons. “I’m one of the original 12 who started coming to UCLAHealth for reconstructive surgery in 2009. This time, I’m here getting my left eyelid fixed. My eyelid doesn’t close all the way, and it dries out my eyes. Operation Mend is amazing. The doctors are really great. It’s a lot like a family environment.”

While doing some research on UCLA I read your story. I hope they were able to fix your right eyelid. God bless you for your service and the sacrifice you made for our country. I pray you are getting all the medical you need and deserve.

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