Body Donation Program

When my husband knew he was terminal he made a decision to donate his body to UCLA Medical School. He was not born in USA, was born in Berlin, Germany and became a US Citizen in 1962. He was extremely proud to be an American. He gave much consideration on how to repay the Country he loved so much.

Knowing that our expenses were limited and wanting to ease my pain with his passing, he decided to donate his body with the hope that a cure or better management of COPD would be discovered. There are days I feel no closure with with his passing but knowing his gift could benefit other families has made it easier.

I feel that UCLA has handled this process with the dignity each of us deserve. Nicki Harris has been so kind and caring and I thank her for all her assistance, with this painful process. There are no regrets with his wish and know he is being treated with dignity. Thank you UCLA!!

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