UCLA Santa Monica goes above and beyond

Dear CEO David Feinberg,

I am writing this email to make sure the spectacular hospital staff at UCLA Santa Monica does not go unnoticed. I have been a patient in Room 4442 for the past two weeks and have never experienced hospital staff that is so professional, compassionate, knowledgeable and full of smiles than UCLA Santa Monica. I have been a patient at hospitals in Seattle, Dallas and Los Angels, but never experienced a 100% satisfaction than at UCLA Santa Monica. I can tell that people really enjoy what they do and where they work.

As I stated the staff involved in my care cannot go unnoticed and it brings tears to my eyes as I think of how special each person has influenced my life by a hospital stay. I would write every person's name I had contact with but unfortunately I didn't write them all down. Below is a list of people that went above and beyond one way or another.

-Reina-Care Partnet
-Susan Aquino-Cobar-RN
-JoAnne Contreareras-RN
-Consulo R- House Keeping
-Octavio Valladares-Perez-Food Service
-Laura Saldana-RN
Nate-Care Partner
Minnie Aquino-Care Partner
Sonia Olivera-Case Worker
Dr. Artis Moe and her entire group of doctors.

All the staff & Charge RN's, Care Partners, social services, housekeeping, food service delivery, X-ray, MRI, Ortho services that made my brace, social workers and entire staff of doctors.

The care I received has been above and beyond and I can never be more thankful and appreciative for all they have done.

Thank You for having such a great care facility with that is full of compassionate people,

Chris Love

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