Geriatric Experience

In early 1994 my mother, Aimee, was told that she had Alzheimer's! I took her drivers license , got her a part time helper/driver and found out that her Non-UCLA MD would not see her anymore.We were fortunate enough to be referred to Dr. James W.Davis, Jr. at the UCLA Department of Geriatrics. Dr. Davis cared for my mother over the next 14 years.She stayed at home with 24 hour care until 2009.

Along the way, my MD retired & I was taken on as a patient by Dr. Davis.We have persevered through various changes in my health issues, but he was always the comforting, calm and efficient person to us and to me since my mother passed on in 2009.

In addition, Dr. Davis helped my family with a very complicated problem of an out of town family member.It was resolved by having her transferred from Northern California to UCLA Santa Monica Hospital , where she received the best of care, and eventually was transferred to a local permanent nursing facility.

Dr. Davis and the people around him are my heroes and a story that I'm excited to tell.

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