Rejuvenation after 3 BCC MOHS Surgeries

Dr. Ronald Moy is an internationally known UCLA based dermatologist who has offices in multiple locations throughout Southern California. An expert in MOHS Surgeries, he has removed THREE basal call carcinomas (BCC) from my forehead.

BCC is the slowest growing of all the cancers, yet it can be fatal. Thus preventative treatment (liquid nitrogen applied to actinic keratoses, precursors of the carcinomas) are essential along with periodic checks for the development of the actual cancers.

During one of the 3 surgeries, it was necessary for Dr. Moy to remove 5 layers before the root of the cardinoma was excised. Imagine if that root had penetrated my brain!

To his credit, Dr. Moy has not only performed well the 3 surgeries, but now it is even NOT necessary for there to be applied the liquid nitrogen periodically. At several of the last visits, Dr. Moy has commented on my younger-looking skin and has given me more time between appointments.

Am so grateful that Dr. Moy's exepertise could be relied upon in what may well have been a series of LIFE-SAVING surgeries to remove the basal cell carcinomas.

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