My Birth experience

My husband and I arrived at The Birth Place for our scheduled C-Section delivery and were greeted with warmth, caring and patience, even though we were 20 minutes late! Once settled in we experienced some technical difficulties but our attending nurse was quick to have it fixed. There was some difficulty getting an IV in but even though it was difficult and somewhat painful the nurses were amazing and took all the time in the world to get it right. When first in the OR I became afraid and started to have an axiety attack. EVERYONE right down to the anesthesiologist was so caring and attentive they took such good care to make sure I was comfortable. While getting my epidural one of my nurses put her forhead against mine to comfort me, I never even asked her she just did this out of her own supportive instict and it is something I will NEVER forget. Though the surgery, just b/c I don't like surgery, was a frieghtening experience the way I was treated and handled through out and of course hearing and seeing my son for the first time, made it one of the most cherished of my life. After recovery and when they brought me to my postpartum room I was so sad to see my nurses, who had just been through this whole adventure with us, leave. They were such a special part of the day that I wanted them to stay! However it was not long before the head postpartum nurse and assistant arrived that I felt another wonderful connection return with them. This continued through out our 5 day stay everyday felt like a vacation and Christmas all wrapped into one. They truly are centered around the bonding experience and take it very seriously. We were able to have so much time with our son and really enjoy him as though we were the only 3 in the world. The nurses and staff are very respectful of your private family time and only enter the room when absolutely neccessary or if you have requested. Every single person we encountered right down to the volunteers were absolutely above and beyond wonderful. Anything we wanted, my husband and I, or our visitors wanted they were more than happy to get for us no matter the hour or circumstance. Not once did we ever feel rushed or met with impatience even when we had 6 ppl in our room visiting! Infact the nurses would come in just to chat sometimes. It was an absolutely phenomenal experience we truly felt loved and cherished at The Birth Place and I would reccomend it to any one who is having a baby. It was so incredible in fact I really wanted to stay at least 1 extra day! All I can say is thank you to all of the wonderful nurses and staff, you made our experience one we will never forget!

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