Blessed with a Liver Transplant

It was almost two decades ago that I was told that my life would be cut short. I had contracted Hepatitis C and at the time there was no cure. I was told by several doctors that I would be lucky to live to see my 40th birthday.

After several years I was fortunate to be referred to UCLA by my wonderful doctor Lisa Hertz and her assistant Anne Walsh who had managed to keep me alive and with hope for several years leading up to my liver transplant.

I remember the first time I visited the UCLA, I was extremely fortunate to be under the care of Dr. Sammy Saab, a fast talking and very talented Doctor with the UCLA Pfleger Liver Institute. I knew immediately that I was in the care of a wonderful doctor with an excellent staff.

My very successful liver transplant was in spring of 2011 and I am incredibly blessed with a “Perfect” new liver. This is in most part due to the incredibly skilled, talented, dedicated and caring staff at the UCLA Pfleger Liver Institute and the UCLA Ronald Regan Medical Center.

The gift of a liver transplant has given back a son to his mother, a husband to his wife, and a father back to his three sons. I was at the UCLA Ronald Regan Medical Center for about three months, some days were extremely challenging while some days were a pure joy. What was consistent was the wonderful care that UCLA extended to me and my family, who were with me during my entire stay.

This professional and outstanding care came from everyone; from the people who cleaned my room, to the operating surgeons, to the awesome nurses; to the amazing doctors; to Veronica (Cookie) who came and prayed for me to give me spiritual strength.

Words cannot express my and my family’s gratitude for the gift that was given to me, I hope that entire staff in the UCLA family will know how enormously grateful that myself and my family are.

I continue to be cared for by Dr. Saab and my wonderful transplant coordinators including Katherine, Kevin, Oonagh and Scott.

I remember back in December of 2010, I thought then it would be my last Christmas. In 2012 I was able to dress up as Santa Claus for a charity event thanks in most part to my amazing gift.

I extremely humbled and forever grateful for the resources invested in my future and I am honored to be a UCLA patient.

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