Blessed by a heart transplant

Five years ago this month (Feb) my nephew was so very fortunate to receive a heart transplant at the UCLA Medical Center. He was born with heart defects and after operations and 40 plus years needed major surgery. He was flown from the east coast to UCLA for surgery by a specialist.

Collectively, the specialists determined a transplant was the best option and was placed on the transplant list. Because of his condition, my nephew only had to wait a day before a heart became available. He had successful surgery and was released from the Center on Valentine's Day (how appropriate.# I was the person able and available in the family to care for him #such a blessing#. After two months in temporary housing with numerous visits for checkups, we were able to fly back home.

I am happy to report that he is doing very well and living a happy and productive life five years later. Our family will be forever grateful to the family who, so generously, donated the heart of their loved one so that my nephew had an opportunity to live.

Also, we are thankful to the great medical staff at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center for the expert care he received. Our family believes Terry #my nephew) was sent to UCLA because that's where the best care and best heart were for him. We will forever be indebted and thankful.

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