I have myasthenia gravis

Hi I am 27 yrs old was diagnosed in 2007with an autoimmune system disorder called myasthenia gravis in 2008 I went rushing to the er of ucla Westwood medical hospital, cuz I was having weakness and hard time breathing I was basically dieying they treated me with so much attention and the doctors neurologist and respiratory therapist were really keeping a ey in me so I stop breathing they help me by putting a breathing tube I was in the icu for almost 3weeks they were really good treating me there and doctrs would explain every single thing they were going to do to me to my parents they gave me plasmapheresis and also Ivig and little by little they wing me off of the breathing machine I starded from the bottom learning how to eat solid foods do o my weakness it was hard for me to swallow any kind of foods and liquids so I was seen by ot and pt and was getting my teraphy there I was there almost for a month and 2weeks but when I went home I was super happy with all my care I got from ucla that know I have all my specialist there and I recommend that hospital to my family and friends I have never had the care from no other hospital but this one great team doctors and nurses I really appreciate they care and profeccionalism thanks u guys Gabriela Ramirez

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