Transvaginal mesh removal MyANGEL- Dr.Rodriguez

December 22, 2009 ... My life was changed forever. I was implanted with mesh for stress urinary incontinence. 3 years of pain all over my body, brain fog and erosion in my vagina led me to researching the Internet daily. I stumbled upon Medical Mesh News desk and my prayers were answered. Dr. Raz from UCLA was the name I kept seeing. Then one day I was driving and received a call , it was another mesh sufferer. She told me I needed to see the best Dr. for total mesh removal. And that is Dr. Raz... I scheduled my surgery for December 5th , 2012... Unfortunately I felt I could not make it till that date.. I honestly felt as though I was physically and mentally deteriorating at a fast rate. I was told Dr. Raz had other surgeons he had trained . Dr . Larissa Rodriguez is my ANGEL !!!! How do you thank someone enough for giving you your life back ?? She and all of her colleagues along with all of the other staff I felt with at UCLA are AMAZING !!!! I will shout the praises from the rooftops for as long as I live.... Thank you GOD for putting Dr. Rodriguez in my life ..from the moment I awoke from surgery, October 20th,2012 , I knew she had saved me..

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