My brain aneurysm….

I was on the phone just chatting with my son. All of a sudden, I felt something I had never felt before. I knew it was serious, and said I had to hang up. I felt a pressure above my eyes like a visor tightening on my head, and then a loud banging like metal plates slamming inside my head. I rushed in, sat down on the bed, and told my husband to call an ambulance that I was having a stroke. I collapsed unconscious in his arms, he thought I was dying.

Quick thinking, he called the fire dept. near our home in Malibu. We live in the country far from anything, so had Station #71's number on the fridge. The quick and skillful thinking of the paramedics saw my problem was neurological, and rushed me to UCLA Westwood.Thank goodness Dr. Reza Jahan was the radiologist on call that night..... he saved my life. They preformed a 7 hour brain surgery where they put a "coil" into the aneurysm. It is a platinum wire wound into a yarn like ball that the blood attaches to and coagulates, stopping the bleeding.

This was not the end of it, I had to be monitored very closely for any neurological problems afterward. I had a part of my head shaved and woke up a day later to find tubes draining blood from my brain. I also was running a very high fever and was packed on ice with an ice blanket over the top of me. After I was feeling a little better, I was also a part of the you tube video for UCLA called. "The Brain and Beyond" about the amazing work that goes on at UCLA. They actually filmed part of it in the ICU and in my room. I had told them I had done some set decorating years past, and was happy to be in a star was pretty funny.. I am the first patient you see, in the video waving from my hospital bed. All through this the warm and wonderful doctors watched me with eagle eyes, back to the road of recovery.

After one month in the hospital, I got to go home.....alive and so grateful.

Yes, I have a few problems, but am happy to say that with the help of the finely tuned hospital staff at UCLA I am one of the very few % that survive a brain aneurysm. I am an artist and am able to continue with my healing artwork today.

Thank you for my life back, I am eternally grateful.

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